Thursday, April 20, 2017

****…..Amazon Rainforest Mammals......****

Amazon Rainforest Mammals.

The mammals to find in the rainforest are some of the favorite Amazon jungle animals to see. Several different rainforest monkeys make their way through the trees, such as capuchins, one of the New World’s most intelligent primates, squirrel monkeys with their curious nature, mysterious saki monkeys watching from a distance, titi monkeys, spider monkeys, the largest primate in the Amazon, and howler monkeys with their incredible voice traveling miles through the rainforest. For some more info on the Amazon’s monkeys, you can have a look at the article on the monkeys of Tambopata.

Apart from the different monkeys, such as this pygmy marmoset photographed at the Tahuayo Lodge, you can spot tamandua anteaters climbing through the trees or poking their heads from tree holes, coatimundis running through the leaf litter, agoutis searching for Brazil nuts and other foods, giant otters fishing in the Amazon’s oxbow lakes, and the iconic two-toed or three-toed sloths clinging to the branches 

Birds to look for at an oxbow lak....

Another odd waterbird with an equally odd name, the echoing calls of this goose-like bird can carry for more than a kilometer. On the rare occasion when it takes flight, it looks kind of like a vulture. Watch for pairs that perch in vegetation at the edge

Rufescent Tiger-Heron

One of several heron species commonly seen at oxbow lakes, this one is recognized by its thick, reddish neck.

Several other bird species also occur in the vicinity of oxbow lakes including several tanagers, woodpeckers, toucans, and Plum-throated Cotinga. Watch for them with your guide!

How to see exotic birds..

Female Golden-collared Toucanet by Frank Pichardo, our wildlife photographer workshop instructor.
Look, listen, and wait: Birds in the forest can't be obvious or they would be caught by a predator. This just means that we have to spend a bit more time carefully looking for any movement, listening for their calls, and taking the time time to find them.
Bird with an experienced guide: Nothing facilitates finding rainforest birds more than hiking with someone who knows how to find them. A guide trained in finding birds will know their vocalizations, which microhabitats are used by certain species, and how to look for them.
Hike our trails through beautiful rainforest with one of our trained guides and see how many bird species you can find!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

******The Secret History of Enlightened Animals*****

I have an article up at Scott Bakker's website, called Animal It puts into the full existential context my earlier discussions of hypersocialization and artificialization. 

Some other RWUG news: I'm working on a massive paperback edition of this blog's essential writings. It will be available on Amazon and divided into several sections: Cosmic Horror, Theistic Idols, Atheism and the True God, The Outsider, The Aesthetic Dimension, and The Farcical Society. The book will be over 700 pages and will include an introduction, an index, and a Lovecraftian short story I wrote before I started this blog, containing the kernel of the idea of nature as the undead deity. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

White crow and Blak crow

The crow is an ugly is genrrally black colour. But there are white crown in Australia.
It has a pointed bill and two large .It has two short wings....crow is generally if two kind's